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Resting In God Purpose
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I form light and create darkness; I make well-being and create calamity; I am the LORD, who does all these things. “Shower, O heavens, from above, and let the clouds rain down righteousness; let the earth open, that salvation and righteousness may bear fruit; let the earth cause them both to sprout; I the LORD have created it. Woe to him who strives with him who formed him, a pot among earthen pots! Does the clay say to him who forms it, ‘What are you making?’ or ‘Your work has no handles’?


Isaiah 45:7–9


Recognizing the presence, power and providence of God behind all things in the universe is a part of our growing relationship with God. God alone is our Creator. The stars, planets, galaxies find their beginning in God.


When we face difficulties, let us not despair. The sovereign purpose and power of God prevails. God’s sovereignty over all things is our hope of salvation and our source of righteousness in this world. The Isaiah text teaches us to never challenge God's will and way or assume that God owes us an explanation for what is beyond our own comprehension.


Let us rest and cease in our striving with God and others. May we all find our sacred pace and run the race set before us with joy and peace.



Jesus, I am tired. My mind is frazzled, my hands are full, and my emotions are reeling with all the things I have to do. Help me to come to you in the middle of the overwhelm. Remind me of your ever-present help in my times of need. Show me how to rest in You. Reveal to me both the beauty in the work and in the rest. Calm my anxious thoughts and encourage my heart with Your nearness. Instruct me in your ways. Bring productivity and contentment out of the peace and comfort I find. Settle me in Your truth and in Your love. Amen.


prayer by Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith




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