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pdf 7 Lessons to Live By 6: God Acts on Behalf of Those Who Wait For Him
(pdf, 359 KB)
pdf 7 Lessons to Live By Lesson 5: Anything You Hold too Tightly, You Will Lose
(pdf, 660 KB)
pdf 7 Lessons to Live By Lesson 4: Listening to God is Essential to Walking with God
(pdf, 435 KB)
pdf 7 Lessons to Live By Lesson 3: God Does Not Require Us to Understand His Will...Just Obey It
(pdf, 125 KB)
pdf 7 Lessons to Live By Lesson 2: The Awareness of God's Presence Energizes Us For Our Work
(pdf, 134 KB)
pdf 7 Lessons to Live By Lesson 1: God's Word is an Anchor in Times of Storm
(pdf, 141 KB)
pdf How Can I Live In A World Filled With Terror
(pdf, 155 KB)
pdf God's Calling of the Church
(pdf, 126 KB)
pdf God's Calling of the Church
(pdf, 2.62 MB)
pdf The One and Only Living God
(pdf, 130 KB)
pdf Living In God's Peace
(pdf, 1006 KB)
pdf Doing the Lord's Work
(pdf, 1.98 MB)
pdf Qualities of A Servant Leader
(pdf, 146 KB)
pdf Discovering and Re-Discovering Your Purpose Lesson 2
(pdf, 96 KB)
pdf Discovering and Re-Discovering Your Purpose Lesson 1
(pdf, 137 KB)
pdf Discovering and Re-Discovering Your Purpose Lesson 3
(pdf, 166 KB)
pdf Discovering and Re-Discovering Your Purpose Lesson 5
(pdf, 100 KB)
pdf God's Way: Realigning Our Lives in Gods Way
(pdf, 872 KB)

A Healthy Church Balances the Five Purposes Every church needs to grow warmer through fellowship, deeper through discipleship, stronger through worship, broader through ministry, and larger through evangelism. These five purposes of the church are commanded by Jesus in the Great Commandment and Great Commission, explained by Paul in Ephesians 4, described in Jesus' prayer for the church in John 17, and modeled by the first church in Jerusalem. In Acts 2:42-47 these five facets of health are mentioned: They fellowshipped, edified each other, worshipped, ministered, and evangelized. As a result, verse 47 says, "And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved."

pdf Attitude is Everything: The Attitude of Humility
(pdf, 344 KB)
Humility is not how you dress, it is not the money you make, it is not where you live, it's not what you drive, it is not even how you look. We're never once commanded by God to "look" humble. Humility is an attitude. It is an attitude of the heart. An attitude of the mind. It is knowing your proper place. Never talking down or looking down because someone may be of a financial level less than yours. It is knowing your role and fulfilling it for God's glory and praise. I repeat, it is an attitude. The attitude Christ had, who emptied Himself of the voluntary and independent use of His divine attributes. There is no quality more god-like than humility. The place of highest exaltation, as we see in the Lord Jesus Christ, is a place of self emptying humility. It's not a phony-baloney style of fake piety. It's true humility of mind. It's putting the other person first. . . . It is being like Christ.
pdf Attitude is Everything: The Attitude of Determination-Pressing on His Purpose for You!
(pdf, 420 KB)
It is all about choices. The choices we make ultimately impact the attitudes we develop. We can choose to be positive, just as we can choose to be negative. Our environment doesn’t necessarily have the power to shape us and conform us in whatever way it chooses. We have the power through the Holy Spirit to chart a new direction for our life. Contrary to prevalent opinions, Knowledge is not the single key to success. We must commit to change our thinking and the emotions that we choose to attach our thoughts about the negative situations we encounter in life. “Behavior starts with a thought.” Thoughts stimulate emotions which then result in attitude and finally produce behavior. Therefore, toxic thoughts produce toxic attitudes, resulting in toxic behaviors. But, in Christ Jesus we have access to the power to control every step in the process. Our attitude determines whether we will be mediocre or excellent, anxious or calm, intolerant or accepting. Ultimately the quality of our life is determined by the choices I make. May we all choose wholeness in every aspect of our life-relationally, emotionally, financially, physically, and spiritually. Choose to be a shining light that dispels the darkness in a negative world. Choose Your Attitude; Change Your Life!
pdf Attitude is Everything: The Attitude of Confidence
(pdf, 535 KB)
The Attitude of Confidence: Sailing Under Sealed Orders The Christian faith often requires us to move forward without all the information. We move along, placing our confidence in “Headquarters”, we move forward with confidence in God. We sail under “sealed orders” until we get to the place that God wants us to be, and then we wait for instructions as to our next move.
pdf Attitude is Everything: The Attitude of Gratitude, The Attitude of Compassion, The Attitude of Confidence
(pdf, 481 KB)
I’m convinced that the key to our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being is the kind of attitude we cultivate in our life. In the twenty-seven years of my preaching ministry, I have experience the full spectrum of personalities and attitudes inside and outside of the Christian church. People with good attitudes tend to be happier people, productive people and praise orientated people. A good attitude is no guarantee that we will not experience hardship. In fact, the point of this unit of study is that attitude impacts how we respond to our environment. To be more specific, there are three basic Christian attitudes that are crucial for the living of these days, attitudes that color every happening, every circumstance, every situation.


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