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The Divine Design for Discipleship
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I'm continuing a few thoughts on Christian Discipleship, among them is the recognition that God has a method or a means of directing us in discipling people. Discipleship is not a program, but a process, it is not an event but a lifestyle. I think those of us who are regular participants in the life of the church often misunderstand discipleship as a spiritual annual membership drive. We have diminished the sacredness and seriousness that is Christian Discipleship in exchange for a secular institutional view of the church as a business with customers.


Perhaps we should think about the differences between disciples and members. I think the most glaring difference is in devotion. Members are often devoted to those things devoid of Divine presence whereas in contrast, disciples find commitment primarily in Christ. There is a difference.


God's design for discipleship includes : 1) Intentionality and 2) intimacy. Jesus called people "unto himself". He talked, touched and taught people with a goal towards spiritual development. The church of today must be intentional in making disciples and not just gimmicky in an attempt to get members. Discipleship involves people. People over programs, positions, and places. The church must get back to a place of compassion and awareness of what people are experiencing in life.


I think we must be determined to be disciples of Christ and equally determined to make disciples.



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