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Break the Glass Ceiling - Deuteronomy 1:6-7
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The invisible, yet tangible barrier that prevents advancement, promotion or progress within the workplace and ultimately within our life can be called "The Glass Ceiling".  The barrier that keeps us in the same place on so many levels, both emotionally, physically and spiritually is not only built through the use of discriminatory practices within the workplace but also by the powers of this dark world and  the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. (Eph. 6:12-13)


There comes a time in our life when we must decide and determine to move forward, press toward the mark and lay hold of God's promise and plan for our life. This is God's message to His people, "'You have stayed at this mountain long enough." (Deut 1:6) After 40 years of wandering, arriving back at the same place they had started, for some reason they seemed to be reluctant to enter the promised land again.


What is holding you back?

Consider three things that prevent us from breaking the "glass ceiling"


1. Commitment - Getting to where God wants you requires a commitment to Him. We cannot have His peace, promise, power or protection without Him.


2. Complacency - Waiting for it, does not eliminate working for it. Faith without works is dead. So exercise your faith.


3. Courage - You win the battle without conquering your fear. Walk in faith not fear. Be of good courage, God will fight with you and for you!


So break camp!  Advance and move out and away from that stale, stagnant place. You can't grow in that environment, relationship or mental place. It's time to move forward.


Go in the power and peace of the Lord!



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