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Unused Gifts - Romans 12:6
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“Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to exercise them accordingly.” -Romans 12:6 


I am thinking today about the wonderful, amazing and benevolent gifts we receive on a daily basis at the hand of our Almighty God. We often take fore granted God's goodness in the outpouring of His gifts upon us. Every gift our Heavenly Father gives is an undeserved gift. But do we appreciate the gifts we have been given?


Have you ever received gifts for which you did not use, or you placed them upon a shelf or in a closet within your home. And as the weeks turned into months , and into years you have found  gifts that have become clutter in your life, because you have either ignored them, or did not appreciate them or failed to re gift them?


“Even the best and most useful gifts can remain unused if unappreciated.”



That certainly was never the intention of the giver. There was a reason when they chose it and gave it; they likely envisioned their gift as being what you wanted or needed, a gift that would be helpful, useful. Somewhere in their mind was an idea of its usefulness when they selected it for you. God would certainly intend no less for you. 


What are you doing with God's gift?


As I rededicated myself to God's calling and commission, I've been led to pray for you today, that you might rethink the usefulness of God's gifts given to you. You must use God's gift with love. You must use God's gift to His glory. You must used God's gifts whenever called upon. It must not be a matter of convenience or personal pleasure or fame. Remember, God's gifts were never given to you because you deserve it. He gave gifts to you in spite of you. 


If it is singing.....then sing. If it is teaching.....say yes and teach diligently and skillfully. It it is leadership ..then lead faithfully. If its  encouragement or hospitality or service or ministry...then do it in the Spirit of the Lord and for His glory. Whatever the gift may be......Use it!


But be careful..... do not give room for smugness, or conceit, or high mindedness. Be careful to become careless in the use of your gift or power. Do not abuse, but love. Do not force your way but rather allow the spirit to lead the way. Use the gift the right way.


Think about it. God is the most generous of givers ever! Consider how many gifts He has personally chosen and graciously given that remain unopened and on the shelf. My prayer for you is that you value all that God has given to you; people, positions and possessions and that you might be used as He anoints and intends.




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