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Moreover, that whole generation was gathered to their ancestors, and another generation grew up after them, who did not know the Lord or the work that he had done for Israel. – Judges 2:10




This commentary within the biblical text of Judges serves as more than a footnote of Hebrew History. It becomes the precipice off which the nation will continue its downward spiral into moral and spiritual failure. Often viewed as an unfortunate and dismal painting of God’s people, the biblical book of Judges reminds us of the ugly and destructive nature of partial obedience to God and the failure to walk by faith into what is our “land promised”.


The opening chapter of the Judges biblical text informs of another transition in leadership. Joshua has died and with his death comes a thick cloud of spiritual amnesia upon the nation, as if all that he has taught is no longer remembered. The people marry, have children, plant crops, and harvest its fruits…but along the way, with each passing generation the people lose their connection with God.


Have you lost your connection with God?


Our culture cannot be described as “God-fearing”, and it appears with each passing moment our values and rhetoric indicates a “drifting” away from an awareness of the One that brought us thus far. Perhaps the opening lines of the Judges text serve as an invitation to all of us to consider exactly “what” we are passing on to the next generation. In our zeal to either conserve or change, we may have forfeited our God given responsibility to introduce and teach the next generation about God.


How many children, teens, young adults or millennials know with certainty who holds the future?


The succeeding narrative in the book of Judges shows that the nation paid an awful price for its failure to remember. We should all pray that we won’t experience the same fate as those in this ancient biblical text. May we never forget the Lord and always make it a priority to share His goodness and grace with succeeding generations.

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