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I Have a Dream... A Tribute to Dr. King
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And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told it his brethren: and they hated him yet the more. - Genesis 37:5


First its important that we not label Dr, Martin Luther King, Jr. exclusively as a dreamer. His love and life demonstrated an authentic, sacrificial concern for humankind even when it  placed him in danger. He was more than a Dreamer, he was a Drum Major for justice. He was a preacher, an advocate for those  who are marginalized. He was a man of God.


Yet, his dream, his vision still stands as a standard for human civilization. Regardless of gender or ethnicity, "all men are created equal." It seems we have failed to recognize and respect the worth and value of all people. We have digressed towards engaging in disrespectful and destructive rhetoric, which in turn has become a catalyst for senseless violence. We no longer dream and envision a better and brighter future.


The inconvenient truth is that we are living a nightmare in terms of human relationships. In almost every context of culture there is disrespect and disregard for the other. The family, marriage, the church and society at large are all victims of cynicism and pessimism. We need to dream.


But be careful and get ready, our culture is particularly hostile towards people with dreams. We live among those who might be called "dream killers". Like Joseph in the text, our dreams might be met with hatred. But we must dream anyhow, because its God's gift to us. Like sanctified imagination, we must envision a better future and an alternative community where diversity is not viewed as a threat to unity.


Remember the old Bible story in Genesis 37, Joseph dreamed a dream and in doing so he experienced suffering, but eventually suffering gave way to promotion, then redemption, and reconciliation and finally restoration. Whatever dream or vision you have , may it be one filled with hope and healing. Dream a dream that involves redemption and restoration, dreams of joy and not sadness, dreams of prosperity and not poverty and most importantly dreams of love and not hate.


" I Have a Dream.." - MLK 

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