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The Impossible becomes Possible with God
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There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and two small fishes: but what are they among so many?


John 6:9


How often are we faced with what appears to be the impossible? Those demoralizing and discouraging moments in life when it seems that all hope is gone. Most of us have experienced those exasperating moments and we know what if feels like to have no provision or power to make it through. Those painful times are not only past experiences but for many of us they are present realities. Like Elijah who walked for a whole day into the desert, sat down under a bush and asked to die. He prayed, “I have had enough" We know this feeling of total exhaustion and weariness.


Yet John sets down a pericope of promise against a backdrop of hopelessness and impossibility. Five thousand people, hungry and hurting. Searching for both miracles and meaning; become object lessons on faith and the power of God.


To their credit like us, Phillip and Andrew made observations and calculations as to how the problem might be solved. One counted the men and the money and the results were impossible. The other canvassed the crowd and found only a boy with a beggar's lunch deemed insufficient for a solution. How often have we calculated in earnest only to be met again with hopelessness.


I still find it amazing that after having witnessed so many miracles at the hands of Jesus, the disciples still wrestled with bouts of fear and doubt. Yet, how many time have we done likewise?


Isn't it amazing how the story shifts with a poor boy who brings a beggar's lunch and places it in the hands of Jesus. And then it happens....a miracle....the impossible becomes possible! Indeed little becomes much when its placed in the hands of Jesus! No equation or calculation is complete until Jesus is included. He makes the difference.


The impossible and insurmountable circumstance you face is nothing when compared to the greatness and glory of your God!  When God is done...His supply is more than enough! Trust Him and face it with Him! He is able.




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