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Never Give Up...on yourself or others
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Only Luke is with me. Get Mark and bring him with you. Because he is helpful to me in my ministry.

- 2 Timothy 4:11

(Acts 15:36-40)

We all face experiences in life that are simply exhausting and frustrating. When things don't go as planned or relationships breakdown or adversity enters the picture without warning. We know what its like to "throw in the towel". We know the feeling that says, "Give Up"


Although at some point we've all felt that way, perhaps we can be encouraged to endure and excel even when the odds are against us. It is Paul who solicts the presence of John Mark as he comes to the end of his ministry and life. Things have come full circle for Paul. He's traveled the world, planted churches, converted many to Christ and endured much. But now he is reminded of a young man named John Mark who had accompanied him on his first missionary journey. The young man had deserted Paul and Barnabas and in anger Paul had vowed to never take him along again.


How often have we experienced disappointment in those we have depended upon and trusted to go with us. Reality would suggest that we've all had moments when we've occupied both sides of this equation. We too have failed to prove ourselves faithful to others at some point along the way. Yet God who is rich in mercy  has given us another chance. Perhaps in hindsight we now understand that such experiences were a part of our development and maturity. We are no longer the same.


The text is tailored to teach us the value of relationships, our need for mentorship and our own inclination towards self-importance while failing to see the potential in others. Paul has now come to realize that although he has accomplished much in his life, his life was in reality a drink offering being poured out before God. The missionary journeys, church planting and preaching moments were never about him. He understands  that just as God had called him on the road to Damascus, God has called  John Mark.  


Although John Mark had proven himself to be less than faithful, God had gently reminded Paul of his own moments of unfaithfulness. John Mark needed to grow, to mature and to develop. He also needed a mentor. So Paul says, "bring John Mark to me. He 's helpful to my ministry"


Never Give Up on yourself or others....God has plans for your life!



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