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When God Is With You
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"The Lord was with  Joseph and he prospered..." - Genesis 39:2 NIV


Success, prosperity, power and fame are descriptive of the cravings of our culture. People often measure the value of their life based on their experiences of success or the accumlation of wealth and power. We do and say almost anything to achieve it. What we fail to realize is that none of these experiences  add value or victory to our life. We must face this truth; in this life we will experience our trials, troubles and tests, but with God on our side we will be triumphant!


What tests are you facing today? What troubles are you experiencing today? Whatever it may be, God can give you victory!


Consider Joseph's story in the book of Genesis. He had it all. The favor of his father, the lavish love of his mother, a symbol of his favored status ( a coat of many colors), and a special gift of insight in the form of dreams and the ability to interpret them. Joseph was gifted, favored, chosen and blessed. But...


Joseph was hated by his brothers, thrown into a pit, sold into slavery, falsely accused and placed in prison, and forgotten by those he had helped. His giftedness and choseness did not exempt him from the daily snares and strategies of the Enemy. Joseph must have felt forsaken, disillusioned and even depressed. He sat in the pit and then in a prison trying to make sense of his life. Yet, He comes to understand what we must understand that even in our troubles God is still with us. God was with Joseph.


Life is without meaning or value , when God is excluded. Through all of Joseph's troubles, we are reminded in the text, that "the Lord was with Joseph". God makes the difference. God can turn things around. From the pit to the prison and to the palace! God can enable us to experience victory in place of defeat, no matter what or who is against us.


Geneis 50:20 says it best, " You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good..."


Finally Joseph came to realize that God is sovereign. That God's purposes and plans cannot be thwarted. He is able to transform expected outcomes so as to bless his people!


Walk in God's power and presence today, knowing that with Him all things are possible. When God is with you, He is more than anything against you.


Be Well and keep walking with God



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