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I Won't Complain
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I think myself happy, king Agrippa, because I shall answer for myself this day - Acts 26:2


Ordinarily I prefer to use the new international version or some other contemporary version of scripture to read or write from. But the words of the Apostle Paul spoken to King Agrippa as recorded in the King James Version are a favorite of mine. They convey an audacious and stubborn resolution to  view reality, no matter how difficult, with an awareness of God's presence, power and providence. Pauls says, "I think myself happy!"


The tendency to complain seems to be in the DNA of humanity. We simply find it easy to see the negative,feel negatively or behave in a negative manner. This is not to say that our problems, pain and daily pressures are not real, but rather that we find it quite easy to give in to these troubling realities and at times we betray our Christian witness to a watching world.


Here is Paul having been beaten, flogged, placed in prison and shipwrecked. Now he stands before King Agrippa in defense of himself and his faith. His life seemingly in the hands of his accusers, Paul stands to speak and his first words are an expression of gratitude for being in the position and place he is in! He considers himself "fortunate".


How often have we taken for granted our blessings? How many times have we squandered our opportunitites in complaint and negative energy? How often have we allowed external stuff to diminish our eternal joy in Jesus?


Why not consider today how you will view reality. It's true that we cannot always change the stuff around us, but we can control how it affects us. Perhaps we can choose our words more wisely, or maybe our facial expressions could be more encouraging. Even greater is the opportunity to glorify God no matter what is going on in our life! So I'm going to make the commitment to "Think Myself Happy" and give God the glory in all things. Be Blessed and go in the Power and Peace of the Lord.





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