Friendship Freedom School - About Us
Mission of the Children's Defense Fund (CDF)

The Children's Defense Fund Leave No Child Behind--mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start,a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood withthe help of caring families and communities.

CDF provides a strong, effective and independent voice for all the children of America who cannot vote,lobby or speak for themselves. We pay particular attention to the needs of poor and minority children andthose with disabilities. CDF educates the nation about the needs of children and encourages preventiveinvestments before they get sick, drop out of school, get into trouble or suffer family breakdown.

CDF began in 1973 and is a private, nonprofit organization supported by foundation and corporate grantsand individual donations. We have never taken government funds.

What Makes CDF Freedom Schools Different?

The CDF Freedom Schools concept is unique among summer enrichment programs because the mission is to create safe, nurturing educational environments that set high expectations for all children.

Literacy as a Lifeline Reading is at the heart of the Freedom School curriculum. During the summer session, many students fall in love with books for the first time. Multigenerational Mentoring Freedom School scholars ages 5-17 are taught by college-age interns who want to improve the lives of children while enriching their own life experience.

Each intern completes rigorous traning at the Children's Defense Fund conference facility on the Alex Haley Farm in Clinton, Tennesse, and at the Universty of Tennessee in Knoxville. Interns from around the nation have the opportunity to study the Freedom School model together.

Highlighting Cultural Awareness Cultural history and heritage are emphasized through the use of an Integrated Reading Curriculum that introduces students to a rich collection of culturally diverse literature.

Activities and field trips also explore a variety of cultures. Parenting as Learning Partners Freedom Schools recognize parents as important partners in educating their children. Parents are expected to participate in school activities and attend weekly workshops to learn more about successful parenting, setting and achieving family goals, and becoming advocates for children's education.

Executive Director

Prentice H. Terrance

Project Director
Cynthia Garner

Site Coordinator
Wesley Forte'

Advisory Board
Kimberly Clark
Paulita Moore
Danielle Baulckim
Marshelle Long
Leslie Mourning
Hardie Smith
Dr. Michael Till

James A. Terrance Jr. 
Senior Pastor
Baptist Church
3530 Chelsea Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64128