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THE JOB SEEKERS PRAYER AND SUPPORT GROUP meets on Monday mornings.  Classes start at 9:00am until 10:30am.  Classes are comprised of facilitators that direct group discussions related to employment.  Also class participants are those persons from the community who are currently seeking employment and job leads, encouragement and prayer.   Lessons reveal how scriptures apply to our course of actions and circumstances.

Pastor James A. Terrance, Jr.
Reverend Howard Jackson - Prayer Ministry Leader, Jobseeker's/Support Team
Cheryl Canty - Prayer Ministry, Jobseeker's/Support Team Facilitator
  • Unit 1 Healing,Hurting, Shock, Anger and Fear
  • Unit II A Time for Lamenting and Reflection
  • Unit III Managing Disappointment
  • Unit IV Your Significant is not Define by your Job
  • Unit V Ending, In Between and New Beginning
  • Unit VI Finding Grace and Humility
  • Unit VII Working Through Our Fears and Taken Action
  • Unit VIII Six Tasks of Working thur Job Loss
  • Unit IX Taking Up Responsibility and Giving Up Guilt
  • Unit X Letting Go of Anger Through Forgiveness
This program will recycle after the completion. Each participate will be asked to complete each unit and attendance will be kept.

Contact Rev. Howard L. Jackson or Sis. Cheryl Canty at 816-861-3252, Friendship Baptist Church